Saturn Retrograde Promo: Complete Western Astrology Course!
Saturn Retrograde Promo: Complete Western Astrology Course!

Saturn Retrograde Promo: Complete Western Astrology Course!

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Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos: A Comprehensive Journey through Western Tropical Modern Astrology

Discover Authentic Astrology from Fundamental to Advanced Concepts

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Western Tropical Modern Astrology with our all-encompassing course. Bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary insights, this course offers a unique integration of Traditional and Modern Astrology, perfectly suited for the New Age, also known as the Age of Aquarius.

Seamless Integration of Ancient and Modern Practices

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to combine traditional astrological principles with their modern applications, providing a holistic understanding of astrology's role in the contemporary world. This course draws on the extensive knowledge shared by renowned International Astrology Associations and contributes to International Astrology Certifications.

What You’ll Learn:

Scientific Foundations of Astrology: Uncover the scientific basis of astrology, dispelling common misconceptions and enhancing your understanding of its legitimacy.

Essential Mathematical Calculations: Master the mathematical techniques necessary for accurate chart interpretations, simplifying complex processes.

Chart Rectification: Learn the art of chart rectification using both Chris Brennan's detailed method and a more straightforward approach.

Nikola Stojanovic's Degree Theory: Explore the intricacies of degree theory and how it adds depth to your astrological readings.

Rodden Rating System: Understand how to use the Rodden Rating System to assess the accuracy of birth charts, especially for famous individuals.

Specialized Branches of Astrology: Gain introductory insights into Electional, Mundane, Horary, and Locational Astrology through the lens of Astrocartography.

Bonus Content:

Leveraging Moon Phases: Learn practical techniques for using the Moon’s phases to your advantage in Moon Magick and Manifestation.

Exclusive Saturn Retrograde Offer:

In honor of Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, we are offering a 50% discount on this course from June 29, 2024, until November 15, 2024. This period is an ideal time for introspection and growth, making it perfect for deepening your astrological knowledge.

Embark on this transformative journey and unlock the language of the cosmos in an authentic, comprehensive way. Enroll now and elevate your understanding of Western Tropical Modern Astrology like never before!

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Find our what's in store for you in this jampaked, complete Western Modern Astrology class!

Here are some concepts you might encounter!

In this chapter, you will explore how Astronomy, the scientific study of stars and planets, is interconnected with Astrology, the ancient study that examines the behavior of celestial bodies and their influence on human behavior.

Learn the basics and foundations of Astrology in this chapter.

In this chapter, you will delve into both the fundamental and spiritual meanings of Zodiac Signs and how they are intertwined in this New Age for our spiritual evolution.

Learn more about the Astrological correlation of the Luminaries (Sun, Moon) and the Planets.

Gain an understanding of the meaning of Retrogrades and why they occur throughout the year.

Discover more about the Astrological Chart angles and the significance of each quadrant.

Explore the 12 Houses of Astrology and understand the implications of having an empty house.

Understand the Major Aspects in Astrology and their crucial role in chart interpretation.

Discover the various types of aspect and chart patterns to quickly gain insight into the nature of the chart you are reading.

Deepen your knowledge of Asteroids and Fixed Stars to enhance your astrological reading skills.

Discover the deeper significance of each planet's and house's degrees!

Learn how to incorporate the degree theory for a more comprehensive and detailed reading with insights from Nikola Stojanovic, a renowned astrologer known for his discovery and teachings of the degree theory.

Learn the fundamentals of Rodden Ratings and their utility in determining the accuracy of a famous person's birth chart.

In this chapter, you will also explore chart rectification techniques, drawing from both Chris Brennan's method and modern approaches.

Learn how to cast a natal chart to prepare yourself for reading charts for yourself and others.

Master the tips and techniques for synthesizing and analyzing chart patterns to successfully interpret charts for others!

Want to know when you'll find love and abundance in your life? Discover what to watch for to perfectly time and strategize your plans, projects, and more.

Explore other branches of Astrology that extend beyond Natal Astrology.

In this chapter, learn how to transform malefic transits and seasons and discover ways to elevate your day-to-day life.

Students get a discount for our newest 2024 course, Alchemizing Retrogrades.


Learn how to leverage Moon Phases to your advantage, particularly for Moon Magick and Manifestation!

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is often known as the planet of karma, restrictions, and limitations. Yet, beyond these challenging attributes, Saturn stands as the great teacher and strict father figure in astrology. His influence pushes us to confront obstacles, learn vital lessons, and ultimately succeed in life through hard work and perseverance.

Time for growth

During Saturn Retrograde, especially in Pisces, these themes become even more pronounced. This period is a powerful time for introspection, reassessment, and growth. It's a chance to revisit and resolve past issues, refine our ambitions, and fortify our foundations for future achievements.

Special 50% OFF!

In honor of Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, we are excited to offer an exclusive 50% discount on our comprehensive astrology course.

This offer is available from June 29, 2024, until November 15, 2024. This course is designed to help you navigate and harness the energies of Saturn, turning potential challenges into profound personal growth and success.

Enroll at 50% OFF This Course Today!

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of astrology and empower yourself with the wisdom of Saturn. Enroll now and transform your journey with the cosmic guidance you need.