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This Saturn Retrograde in Pisces encourages a deep reflection and restructuring of your life. 

Saturn Retrograde, a significant astrological event, involves the planet Saturn appearing to move backward in its orbit from our perspective on Earth. 

This period is renowned for bringing about a time of rethinking, reassessing, and restructuring various aspects of our lives. In Pisces, these influences are especially focused on spiritual growth, emotional healing, and dissolving old boundaries. 

 By booking a session with Miss CA during this period, you will gain the insights necessary to navigate and prepare for the months ahead once Saturn goes direct.

How Miss CA Can Help You During Saturn Retrograde?

Astrology Reading

Miss CA’s astrology readings delve into your cosmic blueprint, revealing areas of your life that require attention and transformation. She can guide you through the influences of Saturn Retrograde, helping you understand how to harness its energy for personal growth and restructuring.

Energy Healing

Through her unique Quantum Activation Therapy Healing (QATH) and other energy healing techniques, Miss CA can help clear energetic blockages, promote emotional healing, and align your energy with the higher frequencies necessary for navigating this period. Her sessions offer a holistic approach to healing that encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Esoteric Services

Miss CA also provides a variety of esoteric services, including tarot and oracle readings, Akashic records readings, and light language activations. These services offer profound insights into your past, present, and future, helping you make informed decisions and align with your true path.

Personalized Guidance

During your session, Miss CA will provide personalized tips and advice tailored to your unique astrological chart and current life circumstances. She will help you identify areas that need rethinking, restructuring, and reassessing, offering practical strategies to ace these moments.


By engaging with Miss CA’s services, you will receive:


Terms & conditions

1. Downpayment Policy

  • A non-refundable downpayment of 2,500 pesos is required to secure your slot. This downpayment is only refundable if Miss CA requests a cancellation or rescheduling. 
  • Slots are allocated on a month-by-month basis. If all slots for the current month are full, your slot will automatically be scheduled for the first Monday of the following month. 
  • The 2,500 pesos downpayment will be deducted from the total service fee of 5,000 pesos for selected sessions.

2. Reading Delivery Method

  • All readings (including but not limited to tarot, astrology, oracle, and astrology cards) will be delivered strictly via voice message or screen recording. 
  •  Clients must submit all questions and information prior to the reading.

3. Energy Healing Sessions

  • All energy healing sessions, except for Quantum Activation Therapy Healing, will be conducted via distant healing. 
  •  Clients are required to provide a selfie taken within the last 2-3 days.

4. Daily Service Limit

Miss CA will accommodate three (3) services ONLY per day, per person:
  • One reading  
  • One healing session  
  • One additional service (e.g., cleansing, akashic reading) 

If there are no available slots on your preferred date, you will be scheduled for the next available day. 

This policy is in place to preserve Miss CA's energy, as she also manages products from ESOSKIN LAB CO.

5. Promotional Period

A promotional rate of 5,000 pesos flat for selected readings, healings, and esoteric services is valid from June 29, 2024, to November 15, 2024, during Saturn Retrograde in Pisces.

6. Post-Promotion Pricing

All reading and healing sessions will revert to their original prices starting November 16, 2024, at midnight. 

By booking a session, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and acknowledge Miss CA's boundaries and scheduling policies.

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